Copywriting Service – Creating Content That Sells

How many times have you sat, staring blankly at your computer screen trying to create content that will do your products or services justice?

If you are wasting countless hours trying to create effective copy for your small business then perhaps you need the help of our Copywriting Service.

Writing great copy that will help your customers understand the value in what your small business offers is not easy, but so incredibly important. It’s unfortunate that many small businesses simply don’t ‘sell’ themselves particularly well because they underestimate the power of good copywriting.

Fortunately, we can help. If your small business wants to create a professional image and deliver a compelling sales message, our range of copywriting services will achieve both those aims.

Content That Converts

We are able to crate effective copy for virtually any small business, including:

  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Social media profiles
  • Press releases
  • Brochure & advert copy

Beyond these common services and regardless of what type of copy you need to create, if you need to get your message across clearly and effectively then it’s certainly worth talking to us.

Why Our Copywriting Service is Different

With more and more small businesses now relying on the Internet for new customers, copywriting has had to evolve to take into account the way people read web content.

We know that writing good content for the web is a specialist skill that many traditional Copywriters don’t always grasp. If you simply take content from an old sales brochure or print advert and use it online, the results are often disappointing.

When we create your content, we write specifically for the web because there are two significant elements that need to be addressed:

  • Reading Technique – when users read web pages, they tend to skim through the content so it’s important for your content to be clear, concise and to deliver the answer to the readers’ questions within a few seconds.
  • Search Engines – it isn’t just humans that like good content; search engines like Google do to. When new writing content for the web, we use tried-and-test SEO techniques to help your content rank in the search engines, helping you to attract more visitors to your web content.

It’s worth remembering that every visitor to your website is a precious commodity so don’t waste that opportunity to turn a browser into a buyer by not providing your visitors with great content.

How to Get Started

We appreciate that many small business owners don’t tend to use Copywriters that often so if you’d like to have an informal chat about your specific requirement that you can call us on 01252 416 222. Alternatively, if you already know what you need and simply need a quote, you can submit your details with the form on contact page.