Business Logo & Brand Design Services

When you first get started in business, there are literally dozens of important decisions you need to make. Consequently, when it comes to naming the business and creating a strong brand, it’s often a decision that is rushed or given insufficient attention – this is not good. Thankfully, we can help you develop a distinctive, unique and memorable brand and logo.

The irony is that it’s probably one of the few decisions that you can’t reverse – if you choose the wrong premises, you can move. If you choose the wrong suppliers, you can switch to another one. However, if you choose the wrong name for your business or don’t create a strong enough brand, you’re pretty much stuck with it. This is where we can help established and start-up businesses get this important decision right.

How we Can Help You Choose a Suitable Business Name

We can help create a positive image for your business, no matter how big or small you are. It is vitally important that your business portrays the right image to prospective customers. No matter how good your products or services are, a poor image or brand will not inspire consumer confidence and you could lose sales.

We can ensure you inspire your customers with our business name and branding service which involves three core elements:

  • Initial Analysis – This crucial element looks at your business and your target market. The right business name and brand will allow your business to move with the market and develop. One of the greatest opportunities from marketing online is that your business can easily diversify and seek customers in new markets. When choosing a business name and brand, you must ensure that it doesn’t restrict your potential growth.
  • Domain Name – In conjunction with our domain name service, we’ll ensure that the business name and brand we create for you has the relevant domain name available. It’s no good you branding your business ‘Wonderful Widgets’ if you can’t get the domain name ‘ or’. It’s also worth remembering that you’ll probably be repeating your domain name many times every day so it needs to be clear, concise and easy for people to understand.
  • Logo Design – As part of the branding process we can produce a stunning logo which you can use everywhere in your business, not just on your website – your stationary, your vehicles, your shop front, anywhere there is an opportunity for potential customers to see it. Great brands have great logos so this is an important step in developing your brand so our Designers will create a memorable, professional logo to portray a fantastic first impression for your business.

Some Examples of Logos We’ve Designed

Here are just a handful of the scores of logos we’ve designed for our Clients. To view a larger version of any logo, simply hover your mouse over it and click the ‘View’ button.

Your Branding Questions Answered…

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions about our service. If your question is answered below, please feel free to contact us by email or call us on 01252 416 222.

Q: How does your logo and branding service work?

Every prospective Client we speak to has very different needs (and budgets) so we try to tailor our service to suit the individual business. Essentially there are two separate elements to the branding process from a charging perspective:

  • Name Selection – We’ll create a new name for your business and ensure the domain name is available, together with a check to ensure there aren’t other businesses in the UK with the same name.
  • Logo Design – We’ll create a number of different concepts for your new logo, based upon your specific brief and taking into account your target market, preferred colour scheme and overall tone.

Q: How much does this cost?

The solo logo design starts at £245 and if you’d like us to also research and secure a suitable name, the price for the complete service starts at £395.

Q: What research do you do when creating new brand names?

There is nothing worse for a business when they search their own name in Google and find that there are dozens of similarly named businesses, or that they don’t rank at all because the name is too generic. Our aim is to avoid both these scenarios by checking all of the following…

  • Whether the .com and domain names are available
  • If the name is being used on social media websites like Facebook & Twitter
  • If the name appears in a Companies House check (England & Wales only)
  • If the name appears in Google and Bing searches
  • If the name has ever been used for a website in the past
  • If the name is commonly used generically within an industry
  • If You've Got Any Questions or Need Some Help...

    You can call us on 01252 416 222 or simply complete the brief form below and we'll call or email you back within a few hours (Monday to Friday).