Hosting, Updates & Support Charges

There are three key elements that you need to keep your website and email working nicely, secure and up-to-date…

HOSTING – Hosting is the hire of the infrastructure that makes your website and email function so it’s an essential service. All Clients websites are on our own dedicated, UK-based servers with unparalleled uptime and super-fast connectivity so your website has the absolute minimum downtime and your customers can connect to it quickly and easily.

UPDATES – The Internet and the technology behind it change at such a rapid rate that a website can become outdated fairly quickly. Unfortunately it’s no longer a simple case of setting-up a website then forgetting about it for years. A website that contains outdated code is vulnerable from a security perspective and can also develop bugs as browsers are updated.

SUPPORT – Support is to help you with specific problems or issues relating to your website.

Our Fully Inclusive Packages

We offer three packages which all include hosting of your website and email, plus updates and support.

BASIC £120 a year Email Only 48-hours Monthly Monthly
INTER £180 a year Phone & Email 24-hours Fortnightly Fortnightly
PREMIUM £240 a year Phone & Email 12-hours Weekly Weekly
IMPORTANT: Support covers advice and assistance with website-related issues or problems. It does not cover adding to, or editing your website pages (which clients can do via the CMS). Nor does it cover design changes, adding additional functionality, or providing advice on issues not related to your website. Our support is unlimited, but subject to our interpretation of fair use. Design work is charged at £45.00 per hour.

Clarification of Features

PRICE – The annually billed charge for providing the service, paid in advance.
SUPPORT METHOD – Emails can be sent to our main email address. Phone support can be requested anytime during office hours.
MAX WAIT – The maximum amount of time you’ll have to wait for a resolution to your request via phone or email.
UPDATES – We’ll update your core website platform and modules to patch bugs and ensure your website is using the latest and most secure code.
BACKUPS – Imagine your website was hacked and deleted – our backup service keeps a copy of your website which can be activated within 30 minutes in the event of a cataclysmic event.

Terms & Conditions

  • All website hosting accounts are limited to 3GB of disk space which is more than sufficient for most websites.
  • Monthly bandwidth (the visitor levels) is limited to 2GB of data which is more than sufficient for most websites.
  • Support is only provided to a maximum of two individuals from each organisation. We do not offer group support for multiple employees/stakeholders.
  • No email accounts may be used for mass-email (such as newsletters and email campaigns) – any excessive use of email accounts beyond what would be considered as normal business use will be suspended.
  • Charges exclude the cost of domain name renewal which is £12.00 per domain, per year.
  • Support does NOT include configuration or troubleshooting of email accounts due to the wide range of operating systems and devices that email is now used upon.