Joint Ventures – Partner With Marketing Experts

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand for joint ventures, we are NOT currently seeking opportunities. Please contact us again in six months time if you’re still looking for a partner.

Turning a great idea for an online business into a profitable reality can be difficult. Banks and other lending institutions are now very wary of lending money for online ventures after the great .com crash. Even Business Angels and Venture Capitalists are dismissive of online ventures, primarily because they don’t fully understand the media and there are far too many people around trying to create the next Facebook or eBay, thus creating a credibility issue.

We Can Help You Develop a Successful Online Business

Because we understand the complex world of the Internet and online marketing, we really want to hear from individuals or companies with good business concepts or products they are looking to sell online. Not only can we add significant value to your concept but we can turn it into reality.

No Capital? No Problem

Our joint-venture scheme is ideal for people or businesses in the UK who want to build an online venture but don’t have the capital behind them to move their dream forward. Under our Joint Venture scheme, you will become a joint equity partner in the business with Avara, and we will invest in creating the website, relevant programming and online marketing. You won’t have to invest a single penny in marketing – we just need your time, dedication and expertise.

What Next? Making Your Business Concept a Reality

In the first instance, complete our contact form to tell us a little about your proposal. Rest assured that we keep all information confidential and will only contact you via email initially. Then we can get down to business and see how your concept can become a reality.

If you’d rather, give us a call on 01252 416 222. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Your Joint Venture Questions Answered

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A typical Angel Investor will have a broad range of business skills rather than specifically online experience. Most of them will also require you to make an investment in the venture too, either financially or by committing your entire time to it.
Our speciality is trading online so if your venture is entirely web-based then we’re interested. This could be an online service, product or information based website. If you’re product or service is better marketed offline then it’s not the type of venture we could help with.
Absolutely. If you either manufacture of wholesale products that would sell well online then we can help find buyers for those products through an online store and other avenues. Many online stores fail because the owner doesn’t get the website or the marketing right and this is where we can add some real value to your products.
The short answer to this is no. However, there may be some specific elements of your venture that require external expenditure such as marketing. In most instances, we will always make you aware right from the outset if we’re likely to need any financial investment.
Your time and experience. You must be able to dedicate at least 10-15 hours each week to the project and have proven experience of the market you’re trying to break into. Whilst we have the expertise of online marketing and website construction, we need to be sure that you know the market we’re going to be entering.
We start all joint ventures on a 50/50 split.
Until the venture has proven itself as financially viable, we DO NOT want to set up a limited company. As all of our joint ventures are basically a website, we start with a simple agreement that the domain name and website are jointly owned by both parties. The value of the business is based on the success of the website so it will initially be the only asset. As an example, imagine if Facebook or eBay didn’t have a website, essentially their businesses would be worthless.

When the venture is starting to show a profit, we can then look at setting up a limited company, joint bank accounts, etc. What we are trying to avoid is being inundated with red-tape right from the start when we have no idea if the business is viable. Using this method, if the venture fails (and we genuinely hope it doesn’t), both parties can walk away with virtually no liabilities or ongoing commitments.

The most effective joint ventures are where both parties bring a unique and complimentary set of skills to the venture. If your venture is based on selling a new type of ‘widget’ and you have years of experience in the ‘widget’ market, we can’t make the venture work without you, or indeed would we want to get involved in a market in which we have no experience.

We firmly believe that a successful partnership is reliant on both parties having trust and confidence in each others skills. Our long-standing reputation (and indeed our business) would quickly be destroyed if we were not an ethical business partner.

In the first instance, you can either call us on 01252 416 222 or use the form on our contact page. Once we’ve had a preliminary discussion about your idea, we’ll conduct some research into it’s viability and go from there.