Lead Value Calculator

Our free lead value calculator below can tell you precisely how much every new customer is worth to your business, but why is understanding lead value so important?

Regardless if you’re a Sole Trader or a large Blue Chip organisation; understanding the lead value of every new customer enquiry is crucial if you want to squeeze every penny out of your marketing budget and refine the way your business manages new customer enquiries.

However, in our experience, over 90% of businesses we talk to have absolutely no idea of how much a new customer lead is worth to their business. This is a huge issue for two primary reasons…

  • If you don’t know how much a new lead is worth, you can’t measure how effective any form of advertising or marketing really is. For example, if you place an advert in a newspaper that costs £500 and generates 15 new leads, how do you know if the advert was a good investment or not?
  • Not understanding the monetary value of a new customer leads can create apathy towards how efficiently new leads are dealt with. When you and your staff start thinking about the true value of every new customer enquiry, it heightens the focus on dealing with that enquiry promptly and efficiently.

Establish Lead Value With Our Free Lead Value Calculator

If you have no idea how much every new customer lead is worth to your business then our free lead calculator can help. Simply enter the details below and it will tell you…

  • Your average sale price to new customers
  • Your current conversion rate from enquiries to sales
  • The real monetary value of every new lead your business generates

NOTE: The data you enter into our lead calculator is completely anonymous and nothing is stored on our website so you’ve no need to worry about entering sensitive business information here.


Not Sure What to do With This Information?

Working out your lead value is one thing but applying it to your overall marketing strategy is quite another. If your business needs help to get your marketing strategy in shape then give us a call on 01252 416 222 or drop us a line and we’ll give you some free advice with no obligation. And it doesn’t matter how big or small your businesses is, we’ve got solutions for every size of business and every budget.