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Marketing Tips & Advice For Removals Companies

In this edition of our Fast Marketing Modules, we’re going to look at some effective methods of marketing that can be implemented by any removals company in the UK. The idea of our Fast Marketing Modules is to provide practical, actionable marketing advice; formulated by researching the removals industry and working with scores of removals companies.

Each tip will hopefully help your removals business:

  • Add real value to your service
  • Differentiate your business from your competitors
  • Help you build relationships with your potential customers
  • Generate more customer leads
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Online Marketing Tips For Removals Companies

We’ve studied scores of websites in this sector and examined the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. From our own research in other sectors and looking at the removals industry from the outside, our key advice regarding the majority of missed opportunities is as follows:

Create a Free ‘Home Movers Guide’
Firstly, create a 3-4 page ‘checklist’ of all the steps that somebody moving home would need to follow, such as when to inform utility companies, set-up post redirection, etc.

Then, place a sign-up form prominently on every page of your website. For a visitor to download the free guide, they simply need to enter their name, email address, telephone number, and postcode. Every time it’s downloaded, you’ll get a free lead for somebody who is obviously looking to move home soon.

Promote Discounts For Different Move Days
With most people wanting to move on a Friday, many consumers won’t be aware that there might be a better deal to be had by moving on a different day. You could offer a voucher for a 20% discount on mid-week moves to entice people to move on different days. This type of offering would also differentiate your company from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do you know how many of your customers have never used a removals company before? Whilst we have no data to provide, we’d estimate that a reasonable proportion probably haven’t. So rather than expecting your potential customers to sift through your website content looking for answers to FAQ’s, why not provide a dedicated FAQ page? To enhance this page for lead generation, simply add a brief form at the bottom of the page where users can ask their own questions, thus supplying you with their contact details.

Offer Hourly Hire
Rather than simply offering a fixed-price quote for traditional home moves, why not offer an hourly-hire service whereby customers can hire a vehicle and Porters by the hour? Whilst this wouldn’t be suitable for moves involving a house purchase that completes on move day, there are many other circumstances beyond simply moving home where customers might require a large vehicle and Porters. This service could be particularly useful for customers working to a fixed budget.

Transparent Price Guides
We looked at a number of the major removal company websites and they all offered both an online pricing guide and transparent pricing for their services. So many companies think that by not having any pricing information on their website they are encouraging people to call, but the chances are that the customer is more likely to overlook your business if you aren’t going to instantly provide them with pricing information on your website.

Think about it – why would the larger, national removals companies advertise prices on their website if it didn’t help them to close more sales?

Offline Marketing Tips For Removals Companies

There are still a few very effective methods of gaining new customers using just offline marketing methods. However, for these methods to work, you need to think about doing things a bit differently from either the way you have in the past, or indeed, what your competitors are doing.

Nurturing Estate Agents

Ring up, or email every local estate agent and ask them two simple questions:

  1. Do they already recommend a removals company?
  2. Do they prefer Beer, Wine or Coffee?

Once you’ve got the answer, and assuming that they are not currently recommending a removals company, call in to their office with a case of wine, beer or £25.00 of Starbucks/Costa vouchers. The big mistake that many businesses make when they try to get estate agents to recommend their service is that there is simply no motivation for the estate agent to do so. If you give them something in advance, they will feel obligated to pass your details on to their customers.

If you just go into their offices with a stack of business cards and nothing more, there is a good chance those cards will go straight in the bin once you’ve left – they’re not there to sell your services unless there’s something in it for them. You could extend this by offering £25.00 of vouchers (Amazon are good choice) to every individual staff member who recommends your business to one of their clients.

If each estate agent gives you 2 jobs a month, how much would that add to your bottom line for an individual investment of just £25.00?

Using Direct Mail Effectively

It’s common practice for removals companies to drop flyers through the doors of properties displaying a ‘For Sale’ board. We also understand that in some instances, the removals companies might actually send a letter via the post. Whilst these direct mail efforts are to be commended, it’s the method and message that is usually flawed. To use direct mail effectively, we’d suggest the following strategy.

When you or your Sales Rep spots a ‘For Sale’ board outside a property, don’t just stuff an envelope or flyer through the letterbox – knock on the door and give the homeowner something for free.

The perfect offer here is a pre-printed discount voucher. It is better to have a voucher with a monetary discount value (£50, £100, etc) rather than a percentile discount (10%, 20%, etc) as consumers can identify with the actual value of the voucher.

This is not to be used as a selling opportunity; it’s simply a ‘soft’ way of getting your company name under the nose of a potential customer who is going to be moving home soon.

Let’s look at the possible outcomes of knocking on somebody’s door and giving them a free voucher which saves them money.

  1. They say thank you, take the voucher and say goodbye.
  2. They say they are really interested in getting a quote and ask you to arrange one there and then.
  3. They say they’re not interested in using a removals company or they’re using another company so you’ve saved money on pointlessly targeting this homeowner in the future.

Realistically, can you think of any other eventuality other than one of the three above? Whichever occurs, it’s a win-win-win situation for you. You’re basically giving them a voucher worth real money – this is a highly effective soft sell.

Final Thoughts

If you need any help implementing any of the above strategies then please feel free to call us on 01252 416 222. We would stress that our advice will only help if you have a professional website, a strong brand and overall, a professional business. Remember that effective marketing can make a good business great, but it can’t make a bad business good.

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