No matter how great your website looks or how well it’s optimised to convert browsers into buyers, without a steady flow of visitors it won’t help your business to secure more enquiries and sales.

But with so many different ways to drive visitors to your website, how do you know which marketing methods will work and which ones will be a total waste of your marketing budget? Thankfully, we can help you find effective and affordable ways to send more visitors to your website and increase your sales.

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Let’s face it, the days of people scouring through the phone book and their local paper for products or services are fast fading – we all head straight to Google these days when we want something.

So no matter if your business is looking to gain more customers locally, nationally or globally, having an effective website with pages that rank highly in Google is probably more important than any other aspect of your marketing efforts.

Why is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Important?

As we all know, very few people search beyond the first page of any search results so unless you’re on the first page, you’re not likely to receive many visitors to your website. Being on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines is like having your business located on the busiest High Street in the country.

However, competition amongst website owners is fierce for those coveted top positions so having hiring an effective SEO company is absolutely crucial – and we hope you’ve now found your ideal SEO partner.

Why Trust Avara With Your SEO?

  • We’re Ethical – we take a very holistic approach to SEO and our techniques are constantly being updated to ensure we don’t get your website into trouble with the search engines.
  • We Get Results – we’re not interested in dazzling you with data. We appreciate you’re only interested in one thing and that’s securing more customers for your business.
  • We Deliver Value – we won’t ask you to sign any lengthy contracts or drip-feed our projects to make them last longer than necessary. We believe in giving a real return on your investment.
  • We’re User-Friendly – we’re based in the UK and you can pick up the phone and talk to somebody who actually wants to help you. Our aim is to form a long-term relationship with you.

Some Real SEO Ranking Results

Before we delve into the details about SEO, we think it’s important to demonstrate that we are a credible company to deal with. And with that in mind, we thought it would be useful to provide some real evidence that our SEO service actually delivers results. So here are some of our most recent ranking results in for our Clients…

#1 Fashion photographer Surrey
#1 Compulsive hoarding help Hampshire
#1 Probate valuation Hampshire
#1 Property law Farnborough
#1 Chiropodist in Aldershot
#2 Lorry driver earnings
#1 Self storage Surrey
#1 Commercial cleaning Farnborough
#2 Block paving company Aldershot
#3 Demolition salvage Surrey
#1 Commercial Property Agents Aldershot
#4 Roofers in Aldershot
#1 Adrenal fatigue treatment London
#3 Church music label
#3 Body conditioning Reigate
#2 Champagne Duntze
#3 House Clearance Hampshire
#3 Acid reflux pillow
#2 People development solutions
#3 Voiceover Artist for explainer videos
#3 Shower fitters Torquay
#2 Khukuri printed T-shirts
#1 VAT mitigation scheme

Note: These rankings are correct as of 6th April 2016. Rankings fluctuate on almost a daily basis so the results might differ slightly when you search.

What is SEO And How Can it Help Your Business?

SEO is the initial and ongoing process of refining your website so it achieves a higher ranking in the search engines like Google and Bing when your prospective customers conduct a search, thus increasing the volume of visitors to your website with the net result being more sales for your.

By using effective, tried-and-tested SEO techniques, we aim to fine-tune your website to achieve the best possible search engine ranking for a multitude of keywords (search phrases), helping you overtake your competitors and dominate the search results in Google.

All SEO campaigns have three key elements:

  • Keyword Analysis – Arguably the most important element of any SEO campaign. We will identify keywords that are actually being searched for by your potential customers, and we can even determine which keywords your competitors are gaining traffic from. All of the keywords we select must have a reasonable level of traffic and an acceptable level of competition. And of course, keyword diversity is also crucial
  • On-page Optimisation – We conduct a thorough SEO appraisal of the pages that make up your website. There are literally scores of factors on any web page that determine how search engines interpret the page and decide how relevant it is to the searchers query. We will check and improve all of these factors.
  • Off-page Optimisation – You may have already heard that search engines tend to rank pages by the volume and quality of links to a specific page. Each time somebody links to your website, search engines consider it a ‘vote’ for your website. The more (relevant, quality) ‘votes’ your site has, the greater credibility it has with the search engines and therefore, the higher it is likely to rank in the search results.

Every Position Counts

Let’s imagine your company sells Blue Widgets for £10.00 each and every months in Google, 1,000 people search for ‘Blue Widgets’. The following table demonstrates the difference in potential revenue that each of the positions on the first page of Google represents (assuming everyone searching purchased a ‘Blue Widget’ online).

#1 53% 530 £5300
#2 20% 200 £2000
#3 12% 120 £1200
#4 6% 60 £600
#5 3% 30 £300
#6 2% 20 £200
#7 1% 10 £100
#8 0.5% 5 £50
#9 0.3% 3 £30
#10 0.2% 2 £20

As you can see from the above table, even for a modest search with a low-priced product, the difference between just a few places in the rankings equates to hundreds of pounds in potential revenue. Now imagine if this data were for a search phrase that received many thousands of searches every month, or for a product that was worth hundreds or thousands of pounds – can you now see the potential of an effective SEO campaign?

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