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Need an SEO Company in Farnham? Beware of Rogue Traders

If you own a business in Farnham, Surrey, you may have looked into hiring an SEO company to help boost your website rankings. The trouble is that there are an awful lot of rogue traders involved in the industry and it’s all too easy to find yourself on the end on an expensive scam.

To offers some guidance, we’d suggest you take the following steps to avoid being caught out:

  • Be very wary of any SEO company who claim they are able to guarantee page one rankings with Google. Unless the are going rank your website for a completely uncompetitive (and therefore worthless) keyword, no SEO company can guarantee such claims. It’s a bit like guaranteeing to somebody that it will rain in precisely 6-months time…there are too many variables to offer any certainty.
  • Don’t sign a lengthy contract that becomes a complete liability. If a company is as good as they claim then they will allow you a reasonable time to appraise their services. Signing up for a 12+ month contract is really a bad idea as you have no idea how that company will conduct themselves yet you’re contractually stuck with them.
  • Ask to see their latest results on websites they’re conducting SEO on. A Client of ours recently received a call from a dubious SEO company saying they could get his company to position 1 on Google for the term ‘Farnham Accountants’ as he’s managed it with other industry sectors. It was only after some careful research our Client realised that this was completely untrue.

SEO Can Help Any Business in Farnham

We understand that for many business owners in Farnham, SEO is still a bit of an unknown commodity. The potential benefits to a company who have an effective SEO campaign are huge so it’s worth taking the time to look into SEO as a viable method of securing new customers.

You can obtain a free SEO consultation through Avara by calling us on 01252 416 222 which will help you decide the best method of promoting your business online to local customers in Farnham and beyond.

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