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Fleet SEO: Hiring The Right Company…

If you’re looking for an SEO Company in Fleet (or anywhere in Hampshire for that matter), then we hope by the very fact that you probably found this page via a Google search, it suggests you might have found a company who can help you.

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Now, before you dive for the phone to give us, or any other SEO company a call, we think it’s only fair to give you an honest low-down on what you should expect from an SEO campaign. We know reading articles on the web is boring and you’re probably very busy but investing a few minutes of your time to read this article could save you months of hassle and more importantly, save you from wasting your hard-earned marketing budget.

So here are our five very important lessons about hiring an SEO company in Fleet…

Lesson 1 – SEO Needs a Solid Foundation to Work

When we first receive an enquiry from a new Client in the market for SEO services, we ask them this very important question…

“What is it that you think SEO will do for your business?”

And typically the answer is…

“We’ll get more customers if we’re on first page of Google for our service/product”

However, SEO is not a silver bullet that will transform your business on it’s own. Let’s imagine you own a shop on the busiest High Street in the land. Every day you have hundreds of people look in your shop window but your window display is messy and doesn’t showcase your products very well. Are those people likely to buy from you? Probably not.

It’s the same with ranking in Google – just because your website ranks highly, it doesn’t mean that people will buy from you when they click the link to your website. Spending money on SEO for a poorly designed website that isn’t optimised to convert those visitors into customers is a total waste of money so you need to ensure your website is fit for purpose BEFORE you even think about hiring an SEO company.

Basically you need an effective website before you start sending potential customers to it, regardless if those visitors are sent via Google, Facebook or paid advertising.

Lesson 2 – You Are Not Alone

If you want to get a decent return on your investment in SEO, you’ll really need your pages to rank in the top-3 results in Google – those top-3 websites typically hoover-up 96% of all the search traffic so if you’re not in the top-3, you’re really only going to pick-up a minimal amount of visitors. However, there are typically dozens of competing businesses with websites who also want one of those coveted top-3 positions.

Patently if there are dozens of companies all trying to secure one of only three positions then there will be a lot of disappointed business owners. As much as you spend on SEO, there is every chance there will be other companies spending the same (or more) so don’t expect miracles from your SEO company if you’re working in a competitive sector with a limited budget.

On a more positive note, there are lots of ways you can be more creative with SEO. Being in the top-3 for your primary keyword (for example, ‘Accountants in Fleet’) is obviously advantageous, but there are always other opportunities to improve the amount of targeted visitors to your website.

Lesson 3 – There Are No Guarantees

One thing we see a lot of SEO companies promise is “Guaranteed Page One Ranking”. There are two fundamental problems with this ‘guarantee’:

  • Being on the first page is pointless if you’re not in the top-3 results. On average, only 0.2% of people visit the website in position 10 so even though your website might be ranking on the first page, it’s not going to really help you generate more business being way down at the bottom of the page.
  • It is a common practice for the more unscrupulous SEO companies to deliver first-page ranking for keywords that have no commercial value, and are therefore are very easy to rank. An example of this might be ‘House Cleans in Fleet’ rather than ‘Cleaners in Fleet’. If nobody ever searches for this particular term in Google then there is absolutely no value in you ranking highly for it.
  • No SEO company has any special insight into how Google ranks websites. There are a number of best practices and every SEO company will have it’s only research and strategies but none of them are 100% consistent across every website they work on. Guaranteeing ranking results is like guaranteeing what the weather is going to be like on a specific day in six-months time; impossible.

Lesson 4 – Google’s Goalposts Are Always Moving

Google is forever updating the way it ranks websites (it’s search algorithm) to minimise web-spam and improve the quality of it’s search results. As a result, website rankings are not consistent so even if you reach the #1 position for your chosen keyword, don’t assume you’ll be there forever.

With this in mind, be careful about hiring an SEO company in Fleet on the basis of paying them for short-term success, because that’s all it will be; short term. And that brings us nicely on to lesson 5.

Lesson 5 – Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain

There are certain strategies that some SEO companies use that are a clear breach of Google’s terms of service. These strategies might give you a significant boost in rank in the short term but there is every likelihood that Google will find any “unnatural link patterns” and slap you with a penalty – basically your website will be de-indexed by Google.

On average, we speak to at least one business owner every week who has unwittingly had their website penalised by Google. It is nearly always down to the fact that some sort of artificial link-building strategy has been used on the website. Ignorance is no defence with Google and repairing the damage for a Google penalty is a long, expensive road.

If you want to see precisely what Google say on the subject of artificial link building, take a look at this article in the Google Help Console.

In recent years, Google has become increasingly pro-active in banning websites that use what they deem to be ‘web spam’. Some major companies have fallen-victim to a Google penalty including BMW, Interflora and even The BBC.

Removing a Google penalty is a long and expensive process so if you’ve got any doubt about the strategies being used by an SEO company, don’t hire them.

Nervous About Hiring an SEO Company in Fleet, Don’t Worry…

We appreciate that if you were originally looking to hire an SEO company before reading this article that you’re now a tad nervous about doing so. That’s understandable and you probably should be as the SEO industry has more than it’s fair share of ‘Snake Oil Salesmen’.

Thankfully, we are experts in website marketing and SEO so if you’d like to get some free, honest and hopefully invaluable advice about getting more people to visit your website and buy from you, we offer a FREE consultation – click this link for more info or if you’re in a hurry, feel free to give us a call on 01252 416 222.

Oh, and finally, we’re based about 3 miles from Fleet and have Clients across the UK but we’re a boutique website marketing company so you won’t be dealing with some faceless individual in Mumbai.