Branding For Small Business

Why a Small Business Needs Effective Branding

We’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners and whenever branding is mentioned, the immediate reaction we receive is “That’s just for corporates isn’t it?” We suspect this is down to a fundamental misunderstanding of what branding actually is and what benefits effective branding can deliver to a small business. Branding is not just for the Apple’s and Nike’s or …

Must Read Small Business Books

7 Must-Read Books For Small Business Owners

Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, the following books are our ‘must read’ books for anyone who runs, or is thinking of starting a small business. The shear amount of incredible information in these books has a value that is almost unmeasurable in comparison to the cost – we’ve read them all and they’ve been an incredible …

Does a small business need a website?

Does Your Small Business Really Need a Website?

A view that is still surprisingly common is that a small business by nature doesn’t need the exposure created from a website. Small business owners have many reasons that they feel a website isn’t an appropriate advertising medium for their business, the most common reasons being: Most of their customers are local and will therefore already know their business exists …

Small Business Blogging

3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Must Be Blogging

Okay, be honest – if you run a small business and have a website, when was the last time you updated it or added any new content? If you haven’t updated your website in the last 3 months then you’re not alone, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you’re in a good place. There are numerous good reasons why adding …

Five Reasons Small Businesses Need a Website

Five Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Website

It’s astonishing really that even in 2013, there are still a significant number of small businesses and Sole Traders who don’t have a website. In this article, we’ll give our top five reasons why your small business must have a website. 1. Help New Customers To Find You Without a doubt, the most important reason for any small business to …

Cheap Marketing Ideas For Small Business

7 Cheap Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Time are tough out there so what can you do attract more customers without busting your marketing budget (if you’re lucky enough to have one)? We can get you started with 7 sure-fire ways of getting more customers on the cheap. These tried-and-trusted methods can help promote your business with barely any investment.