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Here at Avara, we’re huge fans of WordPress and have been designing, developing and supporting WordPress websites for our Clients in the UK for over six years now. In fact, this very website is built on WordPress.

First released in 2003, WordPress is grown from a humble blogging platform into the most popular website platform in the world with over 60 million websites now utilizing WordPress. The reasons behind the popularity of WordPress are numerous but the primary reasons are it’s ease of use for novices, flexibility and extendability, and the tens-of-thousands of pre-built themes and plugins available to create and extend and a WordPress website.

However, as the WordPress feature list has grown over the years, so has the complexity of working with it. And this is where we can help with our range of WordPress design development & support services.

Our Fixed-Price Options For Common WordPress Solutions

We are experts in addressing most of the most common issues people have with WordPress and can deliver affordable, fixed-price solutions as follows…

WordPress Install & Set-Up

One of the most tricky aspects of working with WordPress is actually installing it on a server in the first place. So what we’ll do is install WordPress on a domain name of your choice and set-it up so it’s ready for you to get started with. If you don’t have a domain name yet, we can register a suitable one for you.

WordPress Plugin Installation

Whilst there are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, there are a group of ‘must have’ ones that will help to improve the security, stability and performance of your new website. We’ll install all of these tried-and tested plugins so you don’t have to spend hours of research and testing trying to overcome common WordPress issues yourself.

WordPress Theme Installation

We would strongly advise against using the free themes in the WordPress repository for a number of good reasons. Firstly, you don’t want a website that looks exactly the same as thousands of others and secondly, there are numerous security issues with some of these themes. We can install the renowned Genesis WordPress platform and then include a theme of your choice from over 40 high-quality Genesis themes (click ‘Themes’ tab to view).

WordPress Complete Installation

If you’d like us to install WordPress together with the ‘must have’ plugins and a theme of your choice, our complete installation package is ideal for you. We’ll install WordPress on a domain of your choice and then install all the required plugins and a theme so all you’ll need to do is provide the text content and images for your website – then you’re ready to go.

WordPress Bug Fixing

For those of you who’ve already installed and set-up your WordPress website, you might find that there are issues that you just can’t fix from the Admin dashboard. It could be you can’t align an image, or get your menu to work properly. For these minor gripes, we can typically deliver a fix within an hour for a set fee.

WordPress Custom Design

If you’d like some elements of your WordPress-based website to look a little more eye-catching then we can help with our custom design service. From headers to graphical elements and menus to forms, we can help transform virtually any WordPress theme into your vision.

WordPress E-Commerce

If you’d like to sell products directly from your WordPress website, we can install and configure the leading ecommerce solution, WooCommerce. This free system provides all the core functions you need to sell goods from your website including shopping cart, inventory management, order management, checkout and payment processing (subject to merchant fees).

Some Examples of Websites We’ve Built With WordPress

Here are the latest WordPress website projects we’ve designed for our Clients. To view a larger image of any website, simply hover over the image and click the ‘VIEW’ button.

Get Answers to Common WordPress Question

Q: What’s is WordPress?

A: WordPress is an open-source (free) platform that is used to create a website structure and a content management system (CMS). To use an analogy, if you wanted to build your own car, you could built the engine, gearbox and chassis from scratch or you could buy them pre-built. WordPress is essentially the engine, gearbox and chassis of a website that can easily be customised with themes and plugins.

Q: What are WordPress Themes?

Using the car analogy again, themes are the ‘body’ of your website. A theme controls all the visual elements like the fonts, navigation styling, layout and imagery. You can change the entire look of any WordPress website simply by changing the theme with a few clicks.

Q: What are WordPress Plugins?

A plugin is a bit like an app on a smartphone. There are thousands of different plugins available (free & paid) to quickly add a huge variety of features and functions on your WordPress website. Some of the most common plugins include social sharing buttons, forms, maps, SEO to name but a few. If you want to add a specific feature to your WordPress website, there is a good chance that there is a plugin available to add that feature.

Q: Is WordPress Secure?

Because WordPress is so commonly used to build websites, there are always going to be people that want to use it as a vehicle to spread spam and other nasties. Thankfully the core WordPress platform is updated frequently to combat security issues and it can be further enhanced with a number of specialist security plugins. On the whole, a WordPress website should be no more (and often less) susceptible to a security breach than any other website.

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