Finding UK Web Consultants

Could a Web Consultant Bring ‘Boom’ to Your Business?

For many business owners, the Web is still a mystery from a marketing perspective. Everyone knows that marketing your business on the Web is important, but there are just so many pitfalls to avoid. So how do you get the best advice for marketing your business on the Web?

You almost certainly need the services of a Web Consultant – please read this page if you want to learn how to dramatically change your business through Web marketing

Okay, let’s take a look at some very good reasons why your business should consider using the services of a Web Consultant and how they can help business to gain more customers…

Let’s Start With Your Website

Your website should be the absolute focus of everything you do on the Web so it’s crucial that it’s up to the job. However, most business websites on the UK are sadly unfit for purpose. These are the most common issues that too many business websites in the UK have…

  • Outdated or poor designs that doesn’t work on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets
  • Weak and out-dated content with no focus on the website users or the businesses customers
  • No marketing features to help the business convert the website browsers into customers
  • Lack of optimisation to increase the visibility of the website in search engines like Google
  • No social media integration to build a customer base on sites like Facebook & Twitter
  • No marketing analyis tools to check on how effective the website is

Is your website guilty of any of the issues above? If so, a Web Consultant can help you address those issues and develop a really powerful website that will dominate your business sector.

So let’s take a deeper look into each of these issues and how a Web Consultant can help your business.

Website Design & Usability

Your website is often the first impression your customers will have of your business so it’s vital that it looks and acts the part. First and foremost, is the design modern, un-cluttered and is the navigation clear? Can your visitors find the information they want quickly and easily?

There is a rule in the web design industry that for a website to be truly affective, the users shouldn’t have to ‘think’ about where to click as it should be obvious. And that they should be able to get to any part of your website within just 3 clicks – does your website pass these tests?

And lastly, have you checked how well your website can be viewed on a smart phone or tablet like an iPad? With more than half of website browsing in the UK now being conducted on mobile devices, if your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices then you’ve already lost half your customers.

The good news is that a Web Consultant can help you fix these problems and create a website that delivers a truly memorable first impression and it simple for your visitors to use.

Website Content

Gone are the days where you can throw a website together with a few lines of text on each page and hope for it to receive any free traffic from the search engines. Equally, why would your customers buy from you if you don’t take the trouble to really explain the benefits of your business?

Good content is now an absolutely necessity for an effective website – and that means adding fresh, relevant, engaging content regularly. If this seems a daunting prospect then it’s another good reason why you should speak to a Web Consultant.

Your Website as a Marketing Tool

There are many clever ways that you can use your website for marketing. Even at the most basic level, a website should provide a good reason why your visitors to contact you. Something as basic as having a link in your navigation menu that says ‘Get a Quote’ can increase new enquiries by a significant margin.

So does your website encourage your visitors to contact your business? Do you use tried-and-tested strategies that can double, triple or even quadruple your conversion rates and new enquiries? A Web Consultant can tell you what marketing strategies would work best in your industry sector and how to turn your website into a lead machine.

Website Optimisation

You may of heard the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation to give it it’s proper name. This process involves (at it’s most basic level) increasing the relevancy of your website pages so that search engines like Google rank those pages highly in their results when a user conducts a search.

SEO has changed a lot in recent years and there are no short-cuts or ‘magic bullets’ that will suddenly propel your website to the top of Google. However, a well-structured SEO strategy will help you to find ways to increase the levels of free visitors to your website from the search engines.

A word of warning though – the SEO industry has more than it’s fair share of rogue traders who can actually cause significant harm to your website and at worst, get your website penalised by Google which means no free visitors at all. This is why is important to speak to a professional Web or SEO Consultant who can give you sound, realistic advice on how to develop your SEO strategy.

Not Being Social?

It’s highly likely that many of your potential customers will frequently use one of the major social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. With all those prospects in one place, it would be a huge opportunity lost if you don’t engage with those people by effectively using social media.

However, whilst many businesses make a token effort to use the sites, the way they use them is often flawed. You should remember that social media websites are NOT an advertising platform. Imagine going to a party and being cornered by somebody trying to sell you something – would you sit patiently listening or ignore them? Blatant advertising on social media sites has the same affect on people.

Social media can help your business to find new customers and develop your products and services but only if it’s managed correctly. This is another area where a Web Consultant can steer you in the right direction and help you become the life and soul of the social media party.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

The final area where a Web Consultant can help you is to put measures in place that tell you how well your website is performing across a whole host of metrics. We have a saying in our industry that, ‘You cannot manage what you cannot measure’, meaning that if you want to squeeze every last ounce of opportunity from your website, you need to understand how it’s currently performing.

One of the most common ways of measuring your website performance is with Analytics. This system will provide you with an array of different information about your website visitors includin how they found they website, what pages they visited, plus a lot, lot more.

In the hands of a good Web Consultant, this information is invaluable to help you refine your website so that you fix areas that are weak and boost areas that are performing well. If you don’t currently have analytics installed on your website then you need to do something about that today.

Time to Hire a Web Consultant?

Hopefully the information in this article has given you enough reason to at least speak to a Web Consultant and find out how they can help your business.

By good fortune, everything mentioned in this article is covered by our Web Marketing Service so if you’d like to have a free initial chat about how we can help, give us a call on 01252 416 222 or drop us a line via our contact page. It could be the best business decision you make this year!