Website Design Prices in the UK

Website Design Prices UK: Cost Versus Value

If you’re in the market for a new website, you probably don’t need us to tell you how website prices in the UK differ greatly from one Website Designer to the next.

There are a myriad of options available with prices that vary from a few pounds a month to many thousands of pounds, but here’s the thing; there is a world of difference between having a website and having an effective website.

Let’s Put The Price of a Website Into Perspective

If you paid just £50 for a website, you’d probably think that it was a bargain right? But what if that website didn’t help you to generate any new customers for your business? It’s a total waste of that £50 isn’t it?

Now imagine you paid £2,000 for a new website but it helped your business to generate over £50,000 of additional income every year – that surely would be incredible value wouldn’t it?

So which website would you rather buy?

Taking this into account, the price of any website design project really shouldn’t be a consideration – it’s the return on your investment that is key. However, we appreciate that probably doesn’t answer your question about the actual price of a website so let’s try and give you some guidance.

Our Price Guide For Most Common Websites

When you buy a website, what you’re actually buying is the Web Designers time and experience. And therefore the more custom styling and technical features you want to incorporate into the website, the higher the price will be. Listed below are the four most commonly web design projects that we are asked to quote on together with a guide price for each website type…


Typically purchased by Sole Traders and start-up businesses and a tight budget and include 5-8 pages requiring 5-10 hours of actual design work.

PRICE RANGE: £500 – £1,000


Typically purchased by established businesses as an upgrade to their existing website and containing 8-20 pages requiring 10-20 hours of design work.

PRICE RANGE: £1,000 – £1,500


For Clients who wish to sell products directly from their website and including all the functions required to complete online transactions.

PRICE RANGE: £1,000 – £2,000


For larger businesses requiring a website that has custom features and a high level of custom design work, typically requiring 30+ hours of design work.

PRICE RANGE: £2,000+

We should stress that no two businesses are the same and there are plenty of smaller businesses who have larger budgets and want a more eye-catching, stylish website that is more than just an online brochure.

Isn’t it Better to Buy a ‘Pay Monthly’ Website?

THere are a number of larger companies like Wix, Hibu and 1&1 who offer websites on a ‘pay monthly’ basis. The fundamental issue with this type of website is that you never own it. Essentially you’re just paying a monthly ‘hire’ charge and you’ll be paying that month in, month our for as long as you keep the website with that company.

So if you’re paying £25 a month for one of these websites, in 3 years you would have paid £900 for, in most cases, a pretty uninspiring website. And you’ll continue to pay for that website over and over again. If you think that the price of these ‘pay monthly’ websites is attractive, perhaps it’s time to think again.

Add to that the fact that you have to actually ‘design’ the website yourself which can take many, many hours and suddenly it’s not such a great investment. We recently built a website for a Plumber who had such a website and in his estimation, he’s spent over 50 hours trying to build his own website. When we pointed-out that he charged £40 an hour for his time when visiting customers, his ‘cheap’ website had actually cost him £2,000 in lost time alone.

Now You Know The Price of a Website, What Next?

If you own a business in the UK and, by the fact you’re reading this blog post, you’re in the market for a website, we’ve got some options for you…

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