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If you’re looking for a Website Designer in Farnham, you may have just found your perfect partner. We are Avara and we’re based on the Surrey/Hampshire borders. We provide much more than a simple web design service as our business is based-upon helping companies like yours to make the most from marketing on the Internet.

Watch our video below which explains why our website design service is different from others in the Farnham area. Or if you want to have a chat about your web design project, give us a call on 01252 416 222.

What Our Clients Say…

“Despite not really being that clear ourselves on what we wanted the end product was exactly right – it was like he’d read my mind and pulled out all the ideas I couldn’t quite put my finger on.”
Ella Reeves-Oxford – FourthLeft Photography, Farnham

Why is it Important to Have an Effective Website?

We conducted a survey across a number of our Clients to see how they had secured new customer enquiries in the last 12-months. The figures below show the percentage of their total new customer enquiries that each marketing source generated…

Enquiries From Website
Word of Mouth
Offline Advertising

With so many of your potential customers now searching online for products or services, don’t you think it’s now imperative to have a website that can help those prospective customers to find you and buy from you? Our websites can make that happen for YOUR business.

Some Examples of Websites We’ve Designed

Use the arrows to scroll-through the designs and hover over any image and click ‘View’ to enlarge.

Like What You See? Read On For More Info…

When you are thinking of investing in a new website, you often need to be wary of what the price doesn’t include. And with that in mind, all of our websites include everything you need to effectively market your business online. Here are all of the features includes in our websites as standard…

  •   Expert Marketing Support
  • The greatest value in working with us is the on-going marketing support and advice we’ll provide to help you utilise your new website to gain more customers. Very few Web Designers offer this support.

  •   Free Domain Name
  • We’ll help you find a suitable domain name ( for your website and include 12-months registration free of charge (£10.00 per year thereafter).

  •   Email Addresses
  • Get a professional image by using an email that your customer can remember such as or

  •   Content Management
  • Why pay a Website Designer every time you want to update your website? With our CMS (content management system), you can easily self-edit all of the website content whenever you need to.

  •   Unlimited Pages
  • Unlike most Website Design Companies, we don’t price our websites on the amount of pages you have, so you can add as many as you like, whenever you like at with no extra charge.

  •   Search Engine Friendly
  • Your website will be structured from the start to be easily understood by search engines like Google so your website can be easily found by your potential customers in the search results.
  •   Mobile Ready
  • With nearly 60% of UK Internet browsing now conducted on mobile devices like smart-phones and tablets, we’ll ensure your website is optimised for mobile viewing and Google mobile-compliant.

  •   Social Media Sharing
  • We’ll make it really easy for your website visitors to share your website content on popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  •   Integrated Blog
  • Blogging is an easy way to add new content to your website which will increase visitor numbers and engagement with your customers. An absolute ‘must have’ for all business websites.

  •   Images & Video
  • We can supply stock images or you can include your own images of your work or your products. We can even add videos to really showcase your products or services.

  •   Logo & Branding Design
  • If your business doesn’t have a logo or brand then we’ll help you develop an eye-catching logo and professional branding you can use on all your marketing material.

  •   12-Months Free Hosting
  • Hosting is essentially the infrastructure required to make your website and email work. We include a whole year of hosting for free (£10.00 per month thereafter).
Each of our Website Packages (click the ‘Website Packages’ tab above for pricing options) includes a fixed number of our Extra Features as follows…
VERSO PACKAGE: 1 x Extra Feature, VANTAGE PACKAGE: 2 x Extra Features, VICTOR PACAKGE: 3 x Extra Features.

You can also ‘top-up’ your Website Package by purchasing Extra Features beyond the allowance of your chosen Website Package.

  • If you want the ability to sell products from your website, our E-Commerce System provides everything you need take orders, manage your stock, process orders and take payment online.

    INCLUDED OR OPTIONAL EXTRA COST = £350.00 (includes PayPal external payment module – other payment modules charged extra).

  •   Custom Forms
  • We include two standard forms in every website package – a ‘Quick Enquiry’ form and a ‘Full Enquiry’ form. You can add additonal custom form with this feature.

    INCLUDED OR OPTIONAL EXTRA COST = £75.00 per form.

  • If you run a service-related business and would like to include an instant quote calculator, it can be a great way to increase your customer engagement and new enquiries.

    INCLUDED OR OPTIONAL EXTRA COST = From £150.00 (depending on complexity)

  •   Social Media Auto-Posting
  • With this feature, every peice of content you add to your website plog is automatically posted to your business Facebook page and Twitter Feed – a great way to attract people to your website.


  •   Enhanced Logo Design
  • Our standard logo design includes production of a single concept but if you want more choice and greater input into the design, our Enchance Logo Design includes up to 3 concepts.


  • All of our Website Packages include free email accounts but if you need more, you can easily add them with this option – includes 12-months hosting of your email.

    INCLUDED OR OPTIONAL EXTRA COST = £45.00 per account (2GB allowance)

  • A great way to boost your website traffic is to have it listed in the most popular UK directory websites like, Scoot, etc. We’ll submit your listing to 15 of these directories.

    INCLUDED OR OPTIONAL EXTRA COST = £125.00 per form.

  • If you want some visual ‘eye candy’ on your website pages, a rotating image banner is a great way to show-off your products or services and really grab the visitors attention.


  • If you run a business where images of your products or services are important, you can showcase them in a stunning image gallery. An ideal solutions when you’ve got a lot of images to display.


  • We have a saying in marketing, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure” so understanding how your website visitors are finding your website and interacting with it is absolutely crucial.


Our aim is to deliver a transparent pricing policy no matter what your budget. All of our Standard Features are includes in all four packages plus you can also choose to add any of our Extra Features which can also be purchased individually on any of our packages. And don’t forget you only pay 50% up-front with the balance not due until the website is completed so it is possible to spread the cost over 2 calendar months if it helps with your budgeting.












Let’s imagine you have a business that sells either a product or service for £100. Every month, 100 people (visitors) come to your website of which, 2% buy from you. Basically you’re looking at 2 sales per month that equates to £2400 of income from your website every year. That’s not exactly going to make you rich is it?

However, lets look at what is achievable if we can increase two key components of your website, even by a small amount. These two key components are:

  • Visitors – the amount of people who view your website every month
  • Converts – the percentage of people that actually buy from you each month

The table below clearly demonstrates that even by attracting an extra 100 visitors to your website each month, or increasing conversions by just 2%, you can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Visitors 2% Convert 4% Convert 6% Convert 8% Convert 10% Convert
100 £200 £400 £600 £800 £1000
200 £400 £800 £1200 £1600 £2000
300 £600 £1200 £1800 £2400 £3000
400 £800 £1600 £2400 £3200 £4000
500 £1000 £2000 £3000 £4000 £5000
600 £1200 £2400 £3600 £4800 £6000
700 £1400 £2800 £4200 £5600 £7000
800 £1600 £3200 £4800 £6400 £8000
900 £1800 £3600 £5400 £7200 £9000
1000 £2000 £4000 £6000 £8000 £10000

Now think about what this actually means when you extrapolate these monthly figures over a 12-month period. It is not inconceivable that you could increase the income from your website from just £2,400 a year to as much as £120,000 (a 4900% increase) – and that is an effective website.

At Avara, we are first-and-foremost a marketing company that provides a website design service, whereas most web design companies concentrate solely on the way a website looks. Obviously nobody wants an ugly or boring website but the single most important function of every commercial website is to help you secure new customers, and that’s precisely what we can help you to achieve.
This is the key differentiator between what we do and what most web design companies do.

The single biggest stumbling block for most businesses when it comes to promoting their website is their understanding of what works and what doesn’t. With our included marketing advice, we’ll be able to help you really understand how to get the most from your website using the myriad of marketing methods we’ve tried-and-tested over the years.

Extra Features cover a host of different options that we can add to your website to improve the user engagement and functionality. An example of an Extra Feature might be a fancy image gallery or automatic posting of your content to social media websites. Click the ‘Extra Features’ tab above for more info.
Our average delivery time is 3 weeks from the point of order. This can be sooner, or longer, depending on the complexity of your project, how much information we receive at the beginning and how quickly you respond to any questions we ask during the design process.
Every website takes a set amount of hours to set-up and configure. Beyond that, the cost of any website is determined by how many hours of custom design work is involved. For example, if you want a lot of individual elements designed like icons, custom headers, different variations of your logo, etc, all of this takes times for our Designers to create – those are ‘design hours’. In a nutshell, the more complex the design, the more the website will cost.
All of our websites are built by CIW qualified Design Experts here in the UK. Many Design companies now outsource their design work to parts of the world where labour is much cheaper. However, this often means the quality of the coding and design work is below the standard we expect here in the UK. We happen to think that British Designers are amongst the best in the world (most Apple devices are designed by a ‘Brit’) and for that reason, all our websites are designed by British Designers.
Our Experts can help you develop any type of website with an array of amazing functions – if it can be built with current web technology then we can build it. Our aim is to build a website that works for you and more importantly, your prospective customers.
  • If You've Got Any Questions or Need Some Help...

    You can call us on 01252 416 222 or simply complete the brief form below and we'll call or email you back within a few hours (Monday to Friday).


What Our Clients Say…

“We are absolutely delighted with our new website and with the SEO campaign underway, we have already noticed a significant increase in where our website appears in the search engines. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Avara and would like to put our thanks on record for the great job they’ve done with us.”
Phillip Henley – Managing Director, Response Link, Farnham

Why Our Website Design Service is Different

So why are we different from every other Website Designer in Farnham? Quite simply, we believe that a website is not an art form but a marketing tool. Great design is important but a website that is created simply to look good is not going to help your business gain more customers. Commissioning a new website is not a business cost, it should be considered a marketing investment that should deliver a measurable return on that investment.

There are now over 43 million consumers (85% of the UK adult population) in the UK who regularly use the Internet to search for products or services like yours. Even in a micro-market like Farnham, there will be scores of potential new customers whose first call will be the Internet when they need something. We aim to help your business engage with all those potential new customers.

If your business isn’t engaging with those potential customers via your website then you’re missing-out on a huge market. Our Web Design service doesn’t just produce a pretty website that sits pointlessly in cyberspace; we design websites that help your customers to find you and ultimately, buy from you.

If You’re Looking For a Comprehensive Web Design Service, We’ve Got You Covered…

You can get more information about our website design service by browsing through the tabs above. Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to take advantage of a risk-free, no obligation free quote.

Our Comprehensive Website Features

Our aim is to deliver a website that has every feature you need, and many that you won’t have even considered, so every website we design for our Farnham Clients has a comprehensive range of features included, plus a number of additional features that can be added to any of our design packages.

Design Options For Every Budget

We understand that not every business in Farnham has a huge budget to invest in their new website so we’ve created three different pricing options for our website design service. Whichever pricing options suits you, our aim is to provide the best possible solution for your business, regardless of your budget.

It costs nothing to get a free quote but we promise that you’ll find our approach different to any other Website Design Company in Farnham so take the plunge and complete the form below. All quotes are provided with absolutely no obligation and we promise to help you find the most effective web design solution for your budget.

Could Your Business Benefit From More Customers?

It doesn’t matter if your business is still in it’s infancy or you’ve been established for decades, we can help your business grow through our tried-and-tested online marketing techniques. When we design a website for your business, we don’t simply create a website that looks good, we aim to create a website that helps to attract more customers.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for customers nationally or locally in Farnham, it doesn’t matter if you sell products or a service, we’ll have a website solution that will provide the very best return on your marketing investment.

Need Help or Advice Regarding Your New Website?

Gone are the days where a business could rely upon newspaper and phone book adverts alone to generate new customer enquiries. Today, the Internet is where you’ll find most of your customers but we do appreciate that for some business owners, it can be a daunting place to do business.

At Avara, we work with Clients of all levels of Internet experience so it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or quite tech-savvy, we’ll guide you through the Internet maze to find your customers. And we promise not to bamboozle you with technical jargon, just give you clear, honest advice that you can understand.

We’re Powered by Passion

It may be a cliché but we are genuinely passionate about what we do. Unlike your typical Website Design Company, we take great pride in watching our Clients businesses thrive and expand as a direct result of our work with them. If you’re looking to appoint a Website Designer in Farnham, call us on 01252 416 222 or contact us to see how we can make a real difference to your business. Our advice is free, without obligation and could genuinely make a big difference to how your business fares in the future.

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Here are some links to some invaluable articles on our blog that we think will really help you when deciding on who you want to design your new website and how the whole process works (links open in new tab):

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