Website Selling Cows?

Is Your Website Trying to Sell Cows?

Imagine you’re sat on a train after a long day at work, or in meetings. You’re nearly at your destination but then the train stops momentarily at a junction so you gaze impatiently out of the window and you see the following scene…

Cow in field

Chances are you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought and why should you – you’ve seen hundreds of cows before. But assuming you’re not a Vegetarian, would you look at the cow and think “Mmm, I fancy a nice, juicy steak for dinner tonight”?

Very unlikely.

Despite being hungry, you don’t associate the cow with a lovely steak dinner because although it’s technically the same thing, it’s not presented to you in that way. It’s just a boring cow and not a big, juicy steak on a plate.

Now what if instead of a cow, you gazed out of that same train window and saw the following billboard…


Would this make you mouth water? Would you think to yourself, “I really fancy a steak tonight”? It’s making us hungry just writing this blog post! And Acme Butchers haven’t just planted the idea of a steak dinner in your mind, they’ve also cleverly removed the barriers to you having your steak dinner tonight.

  • They’ve identified your needs by asking if you’re hungry, which most commuters are on the way home
  • They’ve clarified you can purchase your mouth-watering steak tonight by stating they’re open until late
  • They’ve removed any inconvenience factor by stating they’re only 5 minutes from the station

In essence, they’ve identified a need and made it easy for you to fulfil that need.

All very interesting and if you’re not thinking about having steak for dinner this week, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with websites?

Selling Steaks, Not Cows

The point of this post is to try and show you that when somebody lands on your website, you need to be selling the idea of a steak, and not a cow. Hungry people don’t buy cows and hungry customers don’t buy from websites that fail to offer them what they really want, or need.

You need to ensure that whatever it is you sell, whether that be a product or a service, that your website is really addressing the core needs of your customers. Those needs are often emotional (hungry, tired, bored, frustrated, worried, etc) so if you can engage with them on an emotional level then they’re far more likely to buy from you.

And once you’ve done that, you need to learn from Acme Butchers by ensuring that you make it obvious why your website visitors should buy from you. Then you need to ensure that the process of buying from you is as convenient as possible.

Having Trouble Herding Your Cows?

If you are struggling to find what emotional triggers work for your customers and how to convert your website visitors into hungry customers, give us a call on 01252 416 222 or drop us an email and we’ll happily give you some free, practical advice.

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